Teesside rockers to dress to impress thanks to new shop

Teesside’s rockers of all ages can now dress to impress after the opening of a new shop in Middlesbrough’s Dundas Indoor Market.

The Alt Box is the brainchild of rock fan and experienced retailer Mark McNaughton from Thornaby.

He will be selling T-shirts celebrating 50 of history’s most popular bands and singers – from Queen, AC/DC and David Bowie to The Killers, Kings of Leon and Anthrax.

Mark has ensured he has the range of sizes – small to XL – to fit both the new generation of fans, who discovered the music of Queen through the Bohemian Rhapsody film, as well as the seasoned gig goers who might have enjoyed too many festival burgers.

Wearing your favourite artist’s T-shirt is similar to the pledge of allegiance shown by football fans, said Mark.  “But if you go to a concert or a festival the cost of the merchandise is ridiculously high,” he added and, despite its big student population and vibrant music scene, rock and heavy metal memorabilia is hard to find in Teesside. Mark McNaughton is opening a new shop at Dundas Market - The Alt Box - Copy

Alt Box is opening at the Dundas Indoor Market through its Enterprise Scheme which offers heavily discounted rent, an initial three-month trial period and flexible lease terms.

It is also, for Mark, the ideal location for his shop.  “I like the idea of a number of independent retailers in the same area.  I’m not keen on chains.  We used to be a nation of small businesses, but that seems to have gone by the wayside,” he said.

He is ambitious and hopes to be sufficiently successful to move into a bigger unit, take on staff and expand his range of items.

David Harris, the Dundas Market manager, said: “Mark is a welcome addition and his offer fits in very well with some of our other businesses.  He’s got extensive experience in sales and retail and I’m confident he’s going to do very well.

“The shop’s opening coincides with Glastonbury – one of the world’s biggest music festivals.  Let’s hope next year lots of Teesside rock fans who go there will be wearing Mark’s T-shirts.”

For more details of the Dundas Market Enterprise Scheme contact David Harris on 01642 232552 or david.harris@dundasindoormarket.co.uk and for more information about The Alt Box go to www.facebook.com/thealtboxshop/