Public Relations

Newsmaker has worked with the UK's biggest retailer and defence business as well as market stallholders and start-ups.  The same high quality of the service is provided to both big and small. The starting point for each campaign is to identify your objectives, create material which will engage your target audience and select the appropriate channels of communication to reach them.

Video Production

You need video for effective communication with your customers and stakeholders.  Newsmaker PR and Video Production Ltd produces high quality and cost-effective films to fulfil the range of our clients’ needs: whether that's a mini-documentary or a 10 second video for social media.

Broadcast Media Training

We are able to provide highly-effective training because we have been journalists and understand how the media works. We provide practical courses to prepare clients for radio and television interviews.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately a problem could be just around the corner.  To minimise the damage to a business' reputation you need to be prepared with a plan of how you will communicate with the media if the "what if" ever happens.  We provide advice and training to help you ensure a difficulty does not become a PR disaster.

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ross marshall with a large video camera leaning on a stone wall filming large plant machinery at work in a field
A cameraman videoing a welder at work
Andrew and a cameraman doing a practice tv interview for a man wearing a hard hat and reflective jacket
A team of doctors and medics removing someone on a stretcher from a helicopter