Sweet message as wrappers taken off new shop

Mum and daughter Julie and Kaye Dalton have taken the wrappers of their new business in Middlesbrough’s Dundas Indoor Market.

The pair have just opened Bubble ‘n Sweet, which they describe as an “inclusive sweet shop”.  To help their customers all sweets are displayed in jars with either black or green lids, which indicate they are suitable for vegetarians. 

The idea was inspired by Julie’s other daughter. “Until she became vegetarian I didn’t realise how difficult it was to find the right kind of sweet,” said her mum. 

But the green lids are just a start.  “We have coloured stickers and a chart which shows at a glance who can have what,” said 49-year-old Julie.  “For example, we have blue for dairy-free and yellow for wheat-free.”

The shop will also sell American-style cookies, baked fresh on-site, as well as milkshakes and hot and cold bubble tea.  They will all be dairy-free.

“We want people to be able to enjoy the things we offer.  We want to be inclusive as we can to ensure people with dietary requirements don’t miss out,” said Kaye, 22.  Over the coming weeks a range of sugar-free sweets will be added to Bubble ‘n Sweet’s shelves.

Julie and Kaye have had sweet shops before.  Their first was in their home town of Hull where Kaye helped out over her lunch breaks and after school.  Even then they had a range of 40 sugar-free sweets. 

Three years ago all the family moved north when Kaye started studying Costume Design at the Northern School of Art and Design in Hartlepool.  She has returned to retail after graduating and says “it’s nice to be working with my mum again.”

She added: “Dealing with the market manager David Harris has been a breath of fresh air. He’s made it so easy for us to open here,” 

Bubble ‘n Sweet is one of a number of new businesses at the Dundas Indoor Market.  I.M. African Hair Designz 4 U, the Protein Café and The Party Shack have opened already this summer.

For more information about opportunities at the Dundas Indoor Market contact david.harris@dundasindoormarket.co.uk