Students thank teachers for going the extra mile

Three bright and hard-working friends have thanked their teachers for going the extra mile to help them achieve their outstanding results. 

Between them Cramlington Learning Village students Elanor Gormley, Zoe Scott and Shreya Sharma were awarded 15 Grade 9s and nine 8s.

“I’m very happy but there’s a lot of relief as well.  I was a bit nervous but as it turned out I didn’t need to be,” said Zoe.

Although their two-year GCSE courses took place when schools were largely back to normal, the friends’ Year 8 and 9 studies had been badly affected by the pandemic.

“We didn’t have the base knowledge that we needed and it was quite difficult to catch up,” remembered Zoe. “But the school’s been really good.  They put on lots of things after lessons where you could get help and ask for past papers.”

Elanor added: “The teachers have really helped us catch up – particularly in science.  There’s been so much revision and help available at any time.”

Although there are A Levels and probably University to come, the three already have firm ideas on their career paths.  Zoe is keen on becoming a journalist and Elanor wants to work in ecology and conservation. At the moment Shreya is torn between a future in music or – by contrast – becoming an aeronautical engineer or astrophysicist.

Rightly proud of their achievements

Fellow students Ollie Munro and Jake Williams were also rightly proud of their achievements.  Ollie was given six 9s and two 8s. Jake got four 9s and four 8s.

“We all put in a lot of hard work but it definitely paid off, “ said Ollie, who also acknowledged how the teachers helped his year catch up.   “I remember Chemistry, in particular.  In Year 9 it was really difficult for me to understand.  But in Year 10 my teacher went back over it and that’s when I got it.”

Ollie will study Business, Maths and Physics at Cramlington Learning Village’s Sixth Form. Jake is taking Biology, Maths and Physics and is looking into studying Spanish as well.

“I’d put in the hard work so I was hoping I was going to do alright.  But of course there’s always some doubt. So I was just thrilled when I got the results.”