Sikh Darma in the North East – new video

Please watch our new film. It’s all about Sikhs living in the North East. 

This is the fourth video in a series commissioned by Durham County Council’s International Office.

It will be used to help the county’s schoolchildren gain a greater understanding of the religions and cultures found in the North East.

We have previously produced films about the Hindu festival of Diwali as well as Ramadan and Eid.  Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Rabbi Aaron Lipsey who provided the students – and us – with a fantastic insight into the beliefs, traditions and lifestyles of orthodox Jews.

This time, as with all the projects, we were welcomed to the Sikh’s place of worship as well as people’s homes.  Thankfully the video has been well-received and we hope we have provided a window into the world of the Sikhs who live in the North East of England.