Working with BAE Systems continues to be fascinating and varied.  Yesterday we filmed a visit by BAE Systems Chairman Sir Roger Carr to Radway Green.  Today we’ve been at Ridsdale using the heli-cam to gather material for a marketing video and tonight BBC 4 is showing The Killing Factories.  The film, presented by legendary BBC Correspondent Kate Adie, tells the story of the urgent construction in 1915 of munitions factories in response to the so-called “Shell Scandal” – the public outcry at the shortage of ammunition for troops on the front line.  The Killing Factories uses footage filmed by Newsmaker PR and Video Production Ltd.  It was originally shot for a film we produced for BAE Systems about the fascinating history of its factory in Birtley.  The film was narrated by actor Tim Healy who once had a job.  His grand-father, who worked for the Royal Ordnance in London, had moved to the North East in the 1930s to help prepare Birtley for the level of munitions production which was going to be needed as war with Germany approached.  Next week we will be at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester to cover BAE Systems Chairman’s Awards.  An appropriate and stunning setting and, if last year is anything to go by, a great event.


Interviewing Sir Roger Carr yesterday at Radway Green.