I am a big fan of The Journal newspaper.  I read it most days and have a great deal of time for its staff as well as the paper’s news agenda.  However, I was shocked and saddened when I saw its front page this morning.  The name of Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley – whose name has appeared in the paper more than most since he bought the club – was spelt incorrectly:”Ashkey shows a lack of regard for the traditions of the club he owns.”  I had to check the headline a few times to make certain it wasn’t a pun, but unless I’m missing something it wasn’t.  The mistake comes the same day as the Journal’s sister paper, the Chronicle, splashed on an attack on the Newcastle regime and its treatment of its long-suffering fans.  It was a very bold decision especially as apparently there has been a slight thawing in the relationship between the club and all the Newcastle Trinity Mirror papers whose reporters had been banned after a Chronicle story earlier this year.  We all make mistakes, but of all the names to get wrong – particularly in a week when there is so much attention focused on Ashley and his besieged manager Alan Pardew.  I am sure there are very good reasons why the mistake was made – technology, human error – but it doesn’t really matter.  Readers and media commentators used to regard with affection the typos which seemed to litter The Guardian, but I’m not sure people are now so tolerant.  I know it’s only football and it’s only one incorrect letter but, without pontificating about journalistic standards and blaming the cuts in staffing levels on regional newspapers, this was a very unfortunate own goal.