Suitsie you! Time for the smart onesie

The All in One Company

A company which pioneered a world-wide fashion craze has created a revolutionary new range of clothing for the growing number of UK stay-at-home workers.

More than four million of us now work for our employers or ourselves from home offices, studios and workshops and that figure is likely to grow.

Now The All-in-One Company, which helped popularise the ultimate item of relaxed living and sold more than 50,000 in six years, has turned the onesie on its head.

It has provided the solution to the dilemma of how to feel comfortable but business-like when working at home – by developing the Suitsie.

Kate Dawson, founder of the Northumberland-based business, said: “I started the company in 2008, sat at my kitchen table. So I know what it’s like to work from home. Our Suitsies mean you can be dressed for business and looking smart, but at the same time feeling nice and warm.   I can’t think of a better recipe for hard work.”

The All-in-One Company has developed a range of smart, but relaxed suits – ideal for working at home or going out – and still very much all-in-one.

There is the traditional look of black suit and white shirt with a pocket for phone, watch or handkerchief. For the really smart man or woman about town the suit can be transformed into the Tuxsie with a detachable bow tie.

As with onesies, customers create their own Suitsies though the company website – selecting their size jacket, trousers, shirt and bow tie colours or patterns from a vast range of choices.

There are over 150 different fabrics available for both jackets and trousers, including giraffe, leopard and zebra patterns as well as The All-in-One trademark options of ears and tails.

The launch of the Suitsie range coincides with the company’s sixth birthday and the announcement of a major partnership with Weetabix, the maker of Ready brek. Until 21 December The All-in-One Company is featuring on a promotion on more than a million boxes, offering a chance to win one of ten onesies every day.