A sting in the tale

Not sure anybody comes out with much credit from the Sunday Mirror Brooks Newmark so-called sex sting. The father-of-five MP demonstrated – amongst other things – an incredible lack of judgement and although the newspaper claims it was acting in the public interest its methods seemed to be highly questionable. The whole episode puts a lie to anybody naïve enough to believe that all our politicians are now squeaky clean or that our newspapers will not do almost anything to create a story of scandal.

It is going to be fascinating to see the outcome of the new Independent Press Standards Organisation’s investigation. Its chairman Sir Alan Moses has already made some interesting observations, as reported online by The Guardian this afternoon.


It said Sir Alan commented that “questions of entrapment and enticing people to do things are really important and Ipso needs to give not only judgment but guidance as to what is acceptable and consistent with the code”.

He also, according to The Guardian, criticised the term “fishing expedition” as “most fishermen choose to throw their line where they know there will be fish”. The proper definition, he said, was “taking a punt with no evidence in advance and, surprise surprise, somebody might be tempted to do something that they regret … that’s hardly a newspaper story”.

Perhaps we might be pleasantly surprised by the rigour of his inquiry and the strength of his conclusions…so there might be some credit after all to dish out when the dust settles.