Vital role of videos in workplace safety

The alarming number of workplace accidents, reported by the Health and Safety Executive and highlighted in the IOSH magazine, make sober reading.  During 2020/21 142 people were killed at work – that’s nearly a 30% increase on the previous year – 693,000 were injured and nearly 40 million working days were lost to injuries or illnesses connected to the workplace. IOSH concludes that the “Covid-related sickness absence, wide scale furloughing and the displacement of workers into new roles could have comprised safety standards at work.”

The magazine quotes Anna Naylor – a principal associate at law firm Weightmans – who questions why there was a higher death rate when there was less economic activity because of the pandemic. “In essence there were fewer hours worked and yet more workers sadly lost their lives. The reason for this is unclear, it could potentially be due to new methods of working having to be swiftly introduced or it could be due to the pressures of the pandemic overshadowing traditional workplace safety matters,” she said.

For more than 10 years Newsmaker PR and Video Production has been working with major companiesNewsmaker PR and Video Production – including BAE Systems, Sika, Chemring and WFEL – to support their health and safety teams in creating and maintaining safe workplaces for their employees, contractors and visitors.

At this crucial time when businesses look to resume full production and near-normal working, instructional videos can play a vital role in helping to ensure everybody on site is properly informed about the safe and appropriate ways to work and behave.  If you are interested in finding out how videos can help you, please contact Andrew Lambert – director of Newsmaker PR and Video Production – via