Reporting on Newcastle’s lowest point – until now


It’s more than 23 years ago and I haven’t changed a bit! As a fresh-faced television producer and Newcastle fan I was despatched to Leicester to see whether Kevin Keegan could keep his team from dropping into the third division.

Of course he could and the match became a watershed, marking the lowest point in the club’s history prior to a thrilling Keegan-led revival.

Well the current plight is far worse than 1992, although Newcastle face relegation to the second, not third, tier.

Like any fan I approach “Survival Sunday” with a mix of dread, apathy and a desire for it to be over. Unfortunately “it” – the mess and laughing stock the club has become – will not be over whatever happens.

Newcastle United is a disgrace to its supporters, the city and even a sport which is characterised by greed, cheating and senseless animosity towards the officials and rival players and fans.

But even football shines brightly compared to the grubby conduct at St James’ Park which has become a monument to the lowest common denominator both on and off the field.