Entertainers help businesses get into the minds of customers

A pair of entertainers, who have made careers out of getting inside people’s heads, are putting on a weekly show to help businesses better understand their customers and increase sales.

Comedy stage hypnotist Rob Temple and mind reader Kennedy are launching The Email Marketing Show podcast later this month. It is recorded at their new studio in Wallsend.

From their Wallsend studio Rob and Kennedy will help businesses get inside the minds of their customers

From their Wallsend studio Rob and Kennedy will help businesses get inside the minds of their customers

Rob and Kennedy describe themselves as “the most unlikely entrepreneurs you’re ever going to meet”, but – alongside their successful careers in showbiz – they are deadly serious about the business of business.

Two years ago, through their company ResponseSuite, they developed a new software product to help companies get better results out of their e-mail marketing. The Email Marketing Show – providing Rob and Kennedy’s expert advice, interviews and answers to listeners’ questions – has the same aim.

“We’ll be talking about important subjects, but that’s not to say we won’t be bringing a bit of fun and performance.  After all that’s how we’ve both made our living for the last 17 years,” said Rob.

Rob is just finishing a UK theatre tour and in the summer had a successful season of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Kennedy provides his unique brand of corporate entertainment for some of the biggest businesses in the world.

“Our stage acts are built around influencing members of the audience and that’s what we are helping businesses to do through exploring the many benefits of e-mail marketing,” said Kennedy.

The pair say e-mail marketing was highly effective until it was misused by companies to bombard recipients with junk mail.

“We’ve all become suspicious of e-mails if we don’t know who’s sent them,” said Rob. “So how do you persuade somebody to open one, let alone take action on the offer it contains?”

But, with other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram becoming more expensive and less attractive to marketeers, the new podcast will show how e-mail marketing really works.

“We used e-mail marketing when we started performing professionally,” said Kennedy.  “It works when you create something that’s so compelling that people will click a link and – in our case – buy a ticket. It’s also about being less irritating to customers and realising that you make more sales if you’re nicer to people.”

Rob and Kennedy’s previous podcast, 3 Marketers Walk into a Podcast, featured interviews with some of the world’s leading authorities on marketing.  They are also regular guests on numerous other business podcasts.

“Don’t be deceived by the colour of our hair or what we wear,” said Rob. “We are very serious about this.”

The Email Marketing Show will be available from all podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, from 30 October.  It will also be available on YouTube if you want to see the pair perform.