Cramlington Learning Village students celebrate A-level success

Students celebrating A-level success at Cramlington Learning Village have thanked the school’s teaching staff for their support. louise-rahman-congratulates-her-daughter-josephine-a-pupil-at-cramlington-learning-village-on-her-three-a-star-grades

This year’s exams have been tougher with, for example, longer papers and no opportunities for re-sits.  However, the school said it was delighted with the results and very proud of its students who had worked so hard.  Almost half of the A-level grades were A*, A or B.

Josephine Rahman, 18, achieved A* in her all her subjects – Biology, Chemistry and English.  She is going to study Medicine at Bristol University.  Josephine, whose mum Louise is a nurse, said: “I didn’t expect to get these results so I am so relieved.  The school’s been so good. I couldn’t have done it without the help I’ve had.”

Taylor Dixon was also awarded the top grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.  She has a place at York University to study Chemistry.  During her time in the sixth form, as well as studying for her exams, Taylor provided Maths tutoring for a highly promising Year 9 student. “It feels strange that I’m not coming back here,” she said. three-a-star-student-taylor-dixon

Hannah Peggie, received an A* for PE, and A grades in Biology and Chemistry. She is heading to Sheffield University to study Molecular Biology.  “I was nervous coming in this morning,” she said. “I had worked hard, but still had doubts.” 170817a_006

Gyan Chadda, 18, will study Physics at Birmingham University.  His results were an A* for Maths and As for Chemistry and Physics.  He also has an A/S Level in Further Maths. “It’s a very good school,” he said. “They really care about the pupils.”

Jacob Atkinson already has his sights set on becoming a television historian.  He is going to Newcastle University to study History.  Eighteen-year-old Jacob, who has cerebral palsy, said he has a passion for museums and archives.  “The television is full of ex Oxford and Cambridge students presenting programmes on history.  But why can’t somebody from Cramlington Learning Village and Newcastle University do that?”

Head teacher Wendy Heslop said: “I am delighted with these results. Once again I am overwhelmed by the hard work of our staff and students and look forward to celebrating with them.”

Changes to A-levels had tested both the teaching staff and students.  “But everybody has come through with flying colours, as I knew they would,” she said.