Communicating during the Coronavirus crisis – Video News Updates

It is obviously crucial for all businesses and organisations to find the appropriate and most effective ways to update their colleagues, customers and suppliers during the current crisis.

But we should not forget that the content and style of our messages must remain the priority, and not allow the ease with which we can now communicate dilute or cloud our objectives.

Press releases, e-mails and texts, for example, deliver content but can be seen to be impersonal.  Many businesses and organisations are using phones to film messages – and we agree that the personal touch is absolutely vital when so many people are cut off from usual contact.2020-03-09

But we want to take this to the next level for you and produce a professional and comprehensive Video News Update. It will be a packaged video featuring, for example, your branding, interview clips from your CEO or appropriate person, a voiceover – provided by us – to summarise information, and motion graphics to deliver key points and important contact details. We would recommend that the video is no longer than three minutes.

The interview would most likely be recorded via FaceTime or Skype. A producer and camera operator could visit your site to film the interview, but we suspect that will soon not be an option.

We are sending this note to companies who are already clients and therefore we have your logos, brand guidelines and a library of video material.  dsc00171You know the quality of our work.  We would also urge new clients to consider this approach. We would just need to have access to logos, brand guidelines and any video – or even photography – you might have. We also have an extensive video library.

The cost of a Video News Update starts from £795 + VAT. Once we receive confirmation of your order we require a 20 minute phone call or a written brief in order to draft a storyboard. All members of our team are news broadcast professionals and we pride ourselves in our ability to work to tight timetables to produce accurate, informative and engaging videos.