Historic results week sees siblings star at Cramlington

Sibling students starred with outstanding results during a historic week at Cramlington Learning Village.

Ben Mills’ A Level results were amongst the best at the school with top marks in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.  He is heading to Newcastle University to study Medicine. His younger brother Luke was awarded seven 9s and two 8s for his GCSEs, while twins Grace and Alice Hamilton’s results included three grade 9s each.

Successful siblings Ben and Luke Mills

Successful siblings Ben and Luke Mills

For the final time head teacher Wendy Heslop congratulated all students on their results, paying tribute to “the hard work and resilience they have shown during such challenging times.” Mrs Heslop retires at the end of the month after serving the school for 35 years.

“GCSEs are such a critical period in the education of our young people and it is such a delight that the students have earned the success they deserve,” she said.

“This cohort of students has been a particularly talented group and it has been a privilege to see them progress through the school in such a positive and successful way. I must also thank the staff for their hard work and dedication for guiding the students through the process of Teacher Assessed Grades with such integrity and professionalism.”

Luke Mills, who will study English Literature, French and History in the school’s sixth form, said the last 18 months had been challenging. “But having Zoom and being on the same call as everybody else made it feel like you were in a classroom because it had been difficult without friends and teachers,” he said.

Harippriya Ganeshkumar

Harippriya Ganeshkumar

Harippriya Ganeshkumar, who only moved to the UK from India in 2019, achieved five 9s and four 8s in her GCSEs.  English was her second language and she took a while to get used to the North East accent.  “It was really tough for me at the start, but I managed somehow. At the start I was getting passes now I’m getting 9s and 8s.  The school’s been perfect for me,” she said.

Harippriya will study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths in Cramlington Learning Village’s sixth form and hopes to become an engineer.

Alfie Brown is taking the same A Level courses after gaining eight grade 9s and one grade 8. Further ahead he is looking to study Maths or Physics at university.  Reflecting on the last 18 months which has been so disruptive for all schools, Alfie said: “It’s been difficult, but it’s been OK.  If you work hard you get there in the end.”




Smiling with success - GCSE students at Cramlington Learning Village

Smiling with success – GCSE students at Cramlington Learning Village