As a huge admirer of the BBC – even after 16 years working there – I was annoyed, but not totally surprised, to read that a News Channel editor had Tweeted her opinion of UKIP.


The BBC has apparently initiated an investigation and e-mailed all staff to remind them not to be stupid when using social media.


The BBC is full of talented and bright people and, before setting up Newsmaker PR and Video Production Ltd, the proudest period of my career was when I was producing news programmes.


One of my biggest disappointments, however, was to witness some individuals attempt to use BBC programmes to promote their political and personal agendas. I was always told that you should not be able to tell a good journalist’s political views from their conversation in the newsroom and certainly not from their reporting. Sadly – and unprofessionally – this was not the case for everybody.


We all have opinions. Either leave them at the door or don’t be a journalist.