Luvvly jubbly DOMBYS – from Mark at Home

I’ve invented a new word. Properly speaking it’s an acronym. I suspect it won’t become part of our everyday usage like LOL or ROFL or – for you older readers or fans of Only Fools and Horses – YUPPY, but for me it hits the nail on the head.

You’re probably familiar with NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) or possibly FLOMBY (Flog Off My Back Yard) – in effect NIMBYS who sell to a developer. Well I’m suggesting a third category – DOMBY. They’re not devotees of Charles Dickens or even strange-looking characters from Lord of the Rings. They’re the people who say Development OK – Might Benefit You.

It came to mind as we prepared to open our new development in Barking in East London. It’s called Fusion and is offering 73 quality homes for shared ownership or affordable rent on the site of an empty factory.

We are not ripping up the green belt or building on a school field. We are providing much-needed and affordable homes for this community and we have seen nothing but enthusiasm and interest in return.

I was also delighted that we were able to provide employment for a number of local people who worked on the project. At one time there were 13 on site. Four jobs have been made permanent. Three apprentices were able to complete their training and we engaged local suppliers and contractors who, between them, employed 13 people here.

The homes they helped deliver are only offered to people who already live or work in Barking or Dagenham, who are not current homeowners and are eligible for affordable housing.

Affordable rent starts at £150 per week for a one bedroom flat and the cost of homes for shared ownership start at just under £150,000.

Yes, Home Group is all about building homes, but enhancing communities is also at the very core of what we do.

Our neighbours have been very enthusiastic and interested in the development, which without doubt is enhancing their community.

They’ve been the very real inspiration for DOMBY.

That, again for you fans of Only Fools and Horses, is luvvly jubbly.